Favorite Friday! MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF15

There are three things I desperately need in life: sunscreen,  moisturizer, and foundation. Unfortunately, I hate waiting around for my moisturizer and sunscreen to dry so I can apply foundation, only to have to start all over a few hours later when my SPF needs to be reapplied. This is my HG tinted moisturizer, and I loooooove that it also contains an SPF (even though it is quite lower than what goes on the rest of my body). 

I keep a tube in my purse and in my makeup “stash” so that I can have a little refreshing whenever I need it, no matter where I am. 

I am slightly lighter than NC15 (for those of you not familiar with MAC, it is the lightest shade they sell at the counter), and this moisturizer in “light” is just about perfect. It is still a tad dark, but it is so sheer that it really isn’t noticeable. It is also super buildable, so if you’re into sculpting and contouring, you can just layer a little more wherever you want it, saving you time and space! 

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great tinted moisturizer with SPF. It helps smooth out my skin, protect it from the sun, and cover up blemishes without looking fake or cakey like Studio Fix Fluid sometimes can.

buy it!