Mane ‘n’ Tail Shampoo

I started using Mane ‘n’ Tail quite unexpectedly. My vet actually recommended it for my dog, who has extremely dry skin. I went on vacation and forgot to bring my shampoo and conditioner home with me (I usually switch between Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion with Cassia and Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castille Soap), so I used this, and guess what? I really liked it.

I remember reading so many teen magazines with ads talking about how Man ‘n’ Tail helps make your hair grow super fast, and while I did not find that to be true (who knows, though, I already have pretty long hair and let’s face it: I do not measure it), it did really make my hair manageable. 

My hair is long, dry, and prone to knotting—even with conditioner, oil treatments, etc., and this shampoo really does make hair manageable. When I first used it, I did not have my conditioner home with me, so I rubbed a dot of Alba’s Un-Petroleum Jelly through my ends. I had a lot less tangling and knotting than I usually do, and I could go a bit longer between washes, which is amazing, considering it was summer! It also helped keep my waves/curls in check, which is awesome.

Some people ask if using Mane ‘n’ Tail makes you smell like a horse—I don’t think so? I have never smelled a freshly-bathed horse, so I can’t say for sure. Usually, when I think of ‘horse smell’, I think of hay and manure, and I DEFINITELY don’t smell like that!

I definitely recommend this to anyone, even if it is just to try! I enjoy the scent and I love how moisturizing it is. It is super cheap, too, so if you hate it, just use it for your dog (or give it to a friend or family member with a dog)!

I give it five stars

try it!